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Everyone deserves a nice ride!

Everyone deserves a nice ride!

Everyone deserves a nice ride!Everyone deserves a nice ride!

Nice Rides Owner, Jay Kirkbride


My Background

Hi, I am Jay Kirkbride, owner of Nice Rides, and  this is my wife Heidi, I grew up in Franklin, Idaho and now live in Preston. I truly love Cache Valley and the life we enjoy here. At the age of 15 I started cleaning cars, which is still one of my favorite things to do. At 22 I worked as a service advisor, and at 23 I started selling cars and  exceeding customer expectations as a sales person and sales manager for a new car dealer until October of 2018.  At 50 years old I decided I wanted to go on my own and provide the "Nicest Rides" possible at the best possible value to the people of Logan, Preston, Pocatello, Bear Lake, Tremonton, and everywhere in between and beyond. With extremely low overhead and my passion and experience this goal has become reality. I hope you feel the same and join the "Nice Ride" family. 


My Favorites

I love almost all types of cars, trucks, and suv's but my favorites are custom 4x4's. I absolutely love taking an ordinary vehicle and turning it into a head turner like this Jeep you see here. Besides my family there is nothing I take more pride in than my "Nice Rides". 


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Let's Talk

If you have questions about one of the Nice Rides in stock, need me to find you a particular Nice Ride that you are looking for, or have questions about turning your ride into a Nice Ride just give me a call, text or email. 

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By Appointment. To keep overhead low I am not able to be in the office full time. Please call, text, or email for an appointment to see one of our Nice Rides or to schedule an appointment to turn your ride into a Nice Ride.